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Palace of Parliament


Eversince its first edition, the Bucharest Real Estate Show presented a whole new concept, meant for the 35.000 visitors so far, as well hundreds of exhibitors:
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The Bucharest Real Estate Fair offers:

    - visitors access inside the Palace of Parliament;
    - snake-like pathways allowing visitors to see all exhibitors, meaning maximum visibility;
    - QR Code bracelets for data gathering;
    - dedicated spaces for Lounge, press conference, Cocktails, wardrobe, a.s.o.;
    - Luxury set-up included (carpet, draping);
    - promotion in all media channels;
    - a special package for 2 consecutive editions, meaning 119 Eur/sqm instead of 169 Eur/sqm.

We firmly believe in this concept and we want to persuade even more with our special financial offer. Being a part of the Bucharest Real Estate Fair is truly an asset.


    Rental fee is 169 Eur/sqm + VAT plus participation fee of 100 euros + VAT

    But, if you will decide for 2 consecutive editions, such as Spring Edition plus Fall Edition, then the participation fee is only 119 euros/sqm/edition + the 2 participation fees of 100 euros + vat.

Sampling 300 Euro

The above mentioned prices do not include VAT.

The standard participation also includes:

    - table, chairs, draping for panels with black velvet, lighting, branded panel, food stamps for all exhibitors during the event, and also water and coffee, free promotion of text/photo/video material on Facebook, website and even in the location

All these alongside everything the exhibitors already have offer the perfect image of a perfect real estate event.